BRAIN IQ Syrup - 150ml

Rs. 1195.00

Sourced from the purest fish oils, and hydrolyzed to the smallest particles for better absorption, the Brain IQ syrup is probably our most advantageous product.

  • Daily dose of 5ml or as prescribed by physician
  • Gluten free - No added sugar
  • Palatable with delicious Mango flavour
  • Most stable compared to any other product
  • FOS as Pre biotic
  • No fishy taste, odour or burps

Omega-3 fatty acids are a critical part of one’s nutrition and play a major role in maintaining the health and constitution of all cells in the body. Not readily produced in the body, many people get enough omega-3 fatty acids through their diet and through external supplements. Combining our vast experience and scientific expertise, each serving size of this breakthrough formula constitutes of 590 mg of Omega-3. Agreeable to the palate of kids and adults alike, this wonderous product boosts brain development and helps fight ADHD, ASD, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and several other learning disorders.

Improve your child's cognitive development by supplimenting with essential omega 3 fatty acids. Research on the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids have shown that it helps for supporting for the following :

1. Overall improvement of brain and eye functions

2. Improvement of cardiac health including maintaning cholestrol

3. Attention and Depressive disorders

4. Macular Degeneration and Digestive difficulties

5. Arthritis and Osteoporosis

6. Enhance memory and improve overall learning ability

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