Revolutionizing science,
building wellness

Nutrition is science that powers health – and with this as its core philosophy, emerged NUTRIGOLD, a brand that was built from the ground with its primary focus on child healthcare and wellbeing. Combining decades of groundbreaking research and state of the art production quality, we teamed up with experts and came up with integrated solutions for health problems faced by children and adults alike.

Our journey commenced with manufacturing nutritional supplements such as Omega 3, and soon enough we evolved into developing superior formulations across a full range of neutraceuticals and immunity products which include powders, tablets, and syrups.

our core credence

Our Mission

India is a thriving country, and our clientele is packed with persons as unique as our landscape. Being one of the leading supplement brands in business, we upgrade our mission every day. We’ve far exceeded our original goals and created a company that celebrates the health and ones individuality. Now, we only aim to become a name synonymous with providing products that optimize the physical and mental performance of our customers.

Our Vision

We seek to help every child and adult be their best selves, by boosting their health. Our company is ceaselessly plugged into the latest international research and maintains strong relationships with health professionals. Our vision is to develop targeted health solutions for every age group and ensure that no customer suffers from ailments which hinder their regular day-to-day lifestyle.

Our Strategies

Our primary strategies directly align with innovation. We constantly strive to develop new and more effective wellbeing products for our customers. NutriGold is built on scientific foundations and investing in research is a big part of our approach. Every single professional in our team endeavours to produce world-class formulations, supported with the latest scientific studies and research.

Our Process

What goes behind crafting
a NutriGold Product


The Why

While being in the midst of a health revolution, we seek to filter out and understand the essence of nutrition, how it impacts our customers, their needs, and wants. We seek to restructure supplement market and give access to a better and fuller life.


The Who

We cater exclusively to an Indian clientele, so our initial task is to be conscious of their environment, unique dietary requirements, and lifestyle. Only then are we able to formulate products that are potent and beneficial to them.


The Where

Our customers can rest assured that we source our raw materials from 100% ethical sources. We proceed only when the ingredients we procure undergo a rigorous quality check and are labelled clinically safe.


The How

For us, it’s really simple. Incorporating years of pure scientific research with ground-breaking technology and sustainable materials just equals to the revitalizing products that empower our customers.

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