BIQ PLUS Syrup - 150ml

Rs. 1350.00

Asia's first Omega 3 supplement with the WHO recommended Omega 3 dosage in an appropriate and balanced EPA : DHA ratio Omega 3-6-9 for holistic performance, it helps in improving brain signals and its cognitive functions.

  • Daily dose of 5ml or as prescribed by physician
  • Highest Omega3 900mg / 5ml with EPA 450ml & DHA 306mg
  • Palatable with delicious Mango flavour
  • Gluten free - No added sugar
  • Patented technology for best stability

With the highest Omega-3 content – 900 mg per 5 ml – this revolutionary product strengthens the body and provides long term health gains. This patented technology is packed in a fruity syrup and comes with a balanced omega 3-6-9 ratio for holistic results. Most beneficial in afflictions such as ADHD, ASD, slow learning, Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury, post spinal injury, and Ischemic stroke, it is aimed at improving the performance of the patient from day one.

Wonders of BIQ PLUS a technological marvel only pioneers can offer, the fifth generation Omega 3

1. The only product which has ideal ration of EPA & DHA should be 1.5:1

2. The only product which contains fish oil from Sardins and Anchovies

3. Asia's first omega3 supplement in emulsified form

4. Emulsion with triglyceride form is better absorbed than suspension & capsule

5. Emulsified product made wit hpatented technology

6. The only product with no haevy metals & impurities

7. The most stable product in amber coloured glass bottle

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