AQUA OMEGA Oral Drops - 30ml

Rs. 540.00

Improving the brain health of neonates who are born premature or with a low birth weight. Aqua Omega offers most concentrated EPA / DHA drops with an appropriate ratio of required DHA (100mg) and EPA (50mg) for the better brain development of newborn.

  • Contains both DHA & EPA in an appropriate ratio
  • Naturally contains vitamin D and Vitamin E
  • In complete Veg. Form
  • Most stable and safe product
  • Palatable and odourless form
  • No added sugar, preservative and artificial colors

Instrumental in the brain development of newborn babies who are at high risk due to factors such low birth weight, poor lactation, lactose intolerance, etc. For the very first time in India, a formula sourced from marine algae that resembles the nutrition that can only be obtained from the mother’s milk, this innovative product helps in newborn cognitive development and anticipatory behaviours. Rest assured as the product is highly safe and stable, and contains both DHA and EPA in an appropriate ratio.

First 1000 days of life - from conception to the age three - open a critical and single window of opportunity. During this period, children's brains can form 1000 natural connections every second- a once in a lifetime pace never matched again and these connections are the building block of every child's future. Sourced from the mother source 'marine microalgae',AquaOmega provides your child with the best and purest quality Omega-3 with adequate levels of DHA and EPA.

90% of a child's brain development happens before age of 05, Providing the recommended dosage of Omega-3, AquaOmega aims at improving the brain development of premature babies and compensates for developmental opportunities lost due to premature birth and bridge the Gap. Containing all natural ingredients and ensuring the best quality nutrients, AquaOmega is indeed a safe supplement for newborns.

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